Casa Batllo - Barcelone, mai 2016


  1. Objects made in 3D printing vary from plastic collectible figurines and mould patterns to steel machine elements and titanium surgical implants. An entire 3D printing apparatus can be enclosed in a cupboard roughly the scale of a big kitchen stove Double Sided Carpet Tape or fridge. Eplus3D focuses on the development and production of industrial-grade additive manufacturing tools with metallic powder bed fusion , polymer powder bed fusion and liquid bed stereolithography . With the continual improvement of the 3D printing industry, 3D printer models are also rising. 3D printing analysis and improvement know-how is continually enhancing, producing giant number of|numerous|a lot of} high-performance and high-precision 3D printers. In most cases, 3D printers are priced primarily based on the efficiency and high quality of the machine itself.


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